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Digital Transformation

ViViTECH has extensive experience in management methods for projects of varying sizes and levels of complexity, both IT and process.

For all our customers, it is noteworthy that customers and users need excellence in their services at all stages, such as: delivery on time, at a pre-defined cost and delivery according to initial expectations..

Our role is to provide full support for everything to go as planned, bringing more agility and increasing the performance of your company..

We work with consulting for the management of good project management practices, bringing many benefits to the companies that work with us, allowing us to reduce costs and time to develop new products and solutions, increase sales and revenue for reinvestment, increased customer base and consequent customer loyalty through increased success in project execution.

So we can say that our project management consultancy generates:

  1. Greater customer satisfaction;
  2. Shorter development cycle;
  3. Lower costs;
  4. More effective decisions;
  5. Less improvised;
  6. Clearance of surprises;
  7. Anticipation of unfavorable situations;
  8. Providing a performance measurement mechanism;
  9. Cost savings through resource planning and sharing to improve efficiency;
  10. Comparison of what was done with what was planned to improve project performance.

ViViTECH Systems Architecture

ViViTECH has experts to support the design and deployment of system architectures capable of supporting use cases such as:

  1. High transaction or information volume
  2. Cooperation with third party platforms and applications
  3. Scalability: level of use with significant peaks
  4. Protection of sensitive information in high probability attack scenarios
  5. High availability for businesses with the need to always be on the air
  6. Transactions requiring the highest performance measured in milliseconds