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Blockchain is the technology used for individuals to conduct property transactions as service payments, without the need for a trusted third party.

A Blockchain is a type of database that operates by putting together a number of records and placing them in a block (rather than joining them together on a single sheet of paper). Blockchain is what makes Bitcoin’s transactions feasible and where all transactions are recorded.

• Stock Exchange Accelerator platform to negotiate agnostic digital assets to Blockchain

• Development of digital portfolios for means of payment using Blockchain

• Accelerator platform for creating and executing investment algorithms connected with Ripple and the world’s leading Bitcoin stock exchanges

• Internal training to disseminate knowledge about smart contracts and Blockchain



Design Thinking is a creative process for designing projects, putting people at the center of development, anticipating possible problems and working with solutions in an innovative way.

Design Thinking is a highly collaborative and interactive work methodology that enables problem identification and resolution in a way that focuses on human behavior. It works with research and experimentation dynamics for mapping, prioritizing and validating the solutions found. Using empathy as its main activity, it always encourages unusual ideas to innovatively achieve goals, needs and desires mapped in a way that is business-friendly and technologically possible.


The process is dynamic and during project design, the steps can be done or repeated without necessarily following an order.



Cloud Computing is the use of servers, storage devices, and other IT infrastructure components made available over the Internet.

AGILITY – Cloud Computing allows companies to create or modify infrastructure in minutes.

AVAILABILITY – Cloud Computing allows businesses to run 24 × 7, even in the event of disasters.

SCALABILITY – Cloud Computing enables companies to support peak demand, regardless of size, duration or frequency.

COST REDUCTION – Cloud Computing enables companies to transform fixed cost into variable, channel investment to their end activity, and have a lower cost of IT operation.



The User Experience is the concept of improving the customer experience when using your product / service, which may be a site, an application, a software, and more.

The product / service development is studied and strategically planned according to the target audience to generate a positive experience in using the solution. In the case of a digital channel as an application for example, UX seeks to offer an intuitive navigation, agile and pleasant, meeting what the client needs successfully.

The UX designer is constantly looking for improvements through user profile searches to keep pace with changing behavior over time.


Benefits of UX:

– Customer as the main focus;

– Differentiated deliveries;

– Time optimization;

– Constant improvements.



Application Programming Interface (APIs) are software interfaces that are responsible for integrating and exchanging information between two or more applications, enabling improvements and innovations to be generated without having to change in system source code and without end-user intervention.


APIs are an excellent way to enhance applications and systems that are already in use, enabling companies to innovate and update their services in a simplified way by communicating with other applications, enabling business partnerships and optimizing time spent on development.



Creation of mobile application for large financial institution. Native and hybrid development, following the client’s visual and functional standards.

Flexibility, best practices and operational efficiency. ViViTech operates across all application cycles, from resource allocation to custom development and deployment.

– Custom Development

– Application Management and Maintenance

– Software factory

– Testing Services

– Allocation of Professionals